Printing - Direct Mail MagazinesAmMax Publications has the flexibility to print any type of magazine on heat web, cold web and sheetfed presses with appropriate paper selections - self cover or cover wraps with aqueous, UV or varnish coatings. Bindery selection includes glue, stitch and perfect bound.


Specifications - Direct Mail MagazinesOur standard program magazines are printed with an 7 1/2" width and heights from 10 1/2".   We specify 60# #5, ground wood enamel , which gives us excellent characteristics including exceptional brightness, opacity and gloss.  Occasionally, we may specify other paper weights (50# and 45#) to control postage costs in larger page count magazines and for certain stitched or blown-in inserts.  We offer page counts in 4-page increments to produce magazines from 8 pages up (8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, etc.)  with minimum version runs of 10,000 magazines.
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Signatures & Plate Changes...

Signatures & Plate Changes... - Direct Mail MagazinesThese are the top 8 pages of a 16 page signature showing how the pages are positioned so they will fold properly for trimming in the finished magazine.  The other 8 pages of the signature are printed on the opposite side of the paper stream.  Often, when we have neighboring magazines with common pages we can save our publishers money by printing with plate changes.  To do so, the "common pages", i.e., one side of a signature, have to be identical.  The combinations of 8, 12, 16 and sometimes 4 page signatures make up the page counts in our magazines.


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