Half-Size Magazines...our "Pocket Books"

Half-Size Magazines...our "Pocket Books" - Half Size MagazinesHalf-size magazines are just that - "half the size of our regular magazines".   They're created by printing either one magazine version on both the top and bottom of the page, or two versions with one on the top and one on the bottom of the pages.  Then they are cut across the middle to get the size.  Two for One!  The half-size book is great because of its size.  It can easily fit in a woman's purse or rolled in a pocket.  The book shown here, Cajun Connectgion On the Go (view e-mag), is actually distributed by a major pizza chain with their deliveries.  It's a 32-page book and 85,000 copies are printed every two months.  The sister publishers, Melissa and Niki, do their regular magazine in the in-between months at a standard size.
Publisher:  Melissa Dodge, Cajun Connection Magazines, Lafayette, LA. (Link)


____________________ - Half Size MagazinesHigh in the mountains of North Carolina, the High Country Connection half-size magazine is both mailed and distributed on campus of football power house, Appalachian State University.  The magazine averages 40-48 pages and occasionally is printed with two different versions - one for the university and one for mail distribution.
Publisher:  Market Connection, Blowing Rock, NC (link)

Printing Specifications

Finished Size:                8" (witdth) x 5 1/4" (height) - cut from printed magazine size of 8" x 10 1/2"              
Page Counts: 
               8-page minium, then 4-page increments (no limit)
Paper Selection:           60# #4 Coated Enamel is standard, 50# #5 by request
Minimum Quantity:      20,000 (From 10,000 full size magazine minimums)


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