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Lucky Numbers! - Lucky Numbers"Lucky Numbers" is an exclusive AmMax option wherein a unique number is placed in sequence on every magazine or DAL (detached address label) card mailed in each issue.  (The program is also available for direct mail post cards.)

                            The "lucky number" is composed of:
State Book ID, example:        LA01- (AMX-LA01)
                                  Issue Month/Year, example:            0408- (April)
                                  Sequential Number based on mail quantity, example 100001, 100002
                                  100003, etc. through last number of total mail quantity.

                               Lucky Number!     =       LA01-0408-123456


The "Lucky Numbers" provide advertisers with numerous promotional programs to attract customers to their locations, supplementing the coupons and other offers in their print ads.  Since the "reward" offers can be limited in number, advertisers can increase their values making them exceptional incentivies.  For example, a restaurant might offer dinner for two, but limit the total number of winners in the cycle to 10.  A hotel or resort might offer a free weekend - while an oil change facility could offer a "free oil change" limited to one new winner per week.   The "Lucky Number" incentive rewards that can be developed by advertisers to attract new business is limitless!


Publlishers promote the "Lucky Numbers" program in their magazines and provide participating advertisers with decals and other promotional items.  The following examples illustrate promotional space in a magazine and in customer ads.

Lucky Numbers
How to Play
- My Northshore Connection, Feb 09 edition, Chuck Morris, Publisher
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Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers

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