Own Your Own Business!

Are you looking for a career with lots of flexibility?
► AmMax Publications, one of the nation's largest direct mail magazine groups is expanding!  We are searching for qualified and capable individuals and/or businesses to become Independent Publishers for magazines (such as samples in our web site) in predetermined mailing areas throughout the nation.

Six-figure income with the independence and time to enjoy it!

► Qualified canditates should possess direct sales experience calling on businesses in your community, combined with a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial attitude.  Experience in advertising sales and marketing is helpful but not necessary.  Our publishers come from a variety of professional and business backgrounds - and without exception - earn above average incomes as publishers.

► Individuals considering this opportunity should have good credit and be in a financial position to meet their personal and business expenses during the initial training and sales cycle (approximately 2 to 3 months). 

► In addition to the above, individuals should have reliable transportation; computer skills; a home or other office environment; high-speed internet service; fax and cell phone for customer communications. 

Orgainzational and time management skills are essential!

► Existing companies considering this opportunity should be in a position to place dedicated full time employees in the sales and marketing aspects of this business.  Our existing publisher group includes advertising agencies, newspaper and yellow page publishers, etc...

► Exisitng publishers of similar or other magazine formates should explore the flexibility and benefits of associating with our company including some of the highest quality printing and lowest fulfillment costs in the nation!

Sales positions available in some areas with opportunity to become an Independent Publisher at a later date...

Please contact us for additional information. 
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