Magazine Printing with AmMax

Magazine Printing with AmMax - AmMax Printing AdvantagesThe AmMax Independent Publisher Group (IPG) Program

Program Advantages

Our printing program offers publishers the best values in cost, flexibility, and product mix to maximize their profits while assuring that their magazines are produced with the highest quality and delivered on schedule.

► TurnaroundGuaranteed turnaround (print date to delivery to your local USPS SCF or other    location) in 10 days or less anywhere in the country!

► Press EventsScheduled print dates are every week - 52 times a year!  You can develop  schedules to match your markets – whether you’re printing monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or other special event requirements.

► Page Counts – From 8-pages up in 4-page increments.  Grow from 8 to 12 to 16 to 20 to 24 to 28 to 32 to 36, etc as your market expands.  There’s no limit!  The more pages printed, the less your cost per page! 

► Magazine Size – Standard program is 7 1/2" x 10 1/2".  This accommodates our blow-in and pop-up) programs so inserts can have a “lip” at the top to distinguish them from the regular magazine.  (click here to link to "pop-up" informaiton)

► Paper Selection – Our standard magazines are printed on 60# #5 ground wood enamel so they stand out in most markets for their quality and appearance.  In larger page count magazines, we sometimes recommend 50# stock and occasionally #45 and/or combinations to control weight and postage cost. 

► Costs – We believe our costs for printing and related services are competitive – if not less – than any comparable program in the country!  Plus, in addition we offers a full range of products that enhances your magazine business, which allows larger potential profits.  Without exception, publishers who have joined our group, are making more money – have more control over their own business than they ever did before.

► DAL Cards, Wraps, Inserts, Pop-Ups and Postcards, Magnet CardsIf your program doesn’t include them you’re leaving a lot of potential income on the table!  (click here to link to product descriptions)

► Mail Lists & Maps –Our mail list program is the finest available, period.  (click here to link to mail list and mapping overview)

► Mailing Services/FulfillmentWe’re second to none.  We track all shipments from dock to post office and provide you with a copy of the USPS certified mailing receipt for your records and your customers verifying you’ve mailed in the quantities and time frame you promised.

► Freight/Logistics – With spiraling and uncertain gas prices it’s important to know that we get the best costs available.  Our rate structure is based on a negotiated “zone rate matrix” that makes our freight costs some of the lowest in the nation.

► Printing Our printing partner is one of the nation’s largest magazine printers with multiple state-of-the-art plants. Using high-speed heat web presses, we print 8, 12, 16, 32 and even 48 page signatures in one pass to produce any size and quantity magazine ordered with total quality and color control. Graphic desighners work with our printer’s “In-Site” program eliminating  the necessity to upload files to an FTP site and providing publishers a real time ability to review, make corrections and approve pages prior to printing.  Publishers and designers communicate directly with our customer service reps (CSR’s) and pre-press personnel in the plants eliminating any “middle-man” delays.  We encourage visits to our printing facilities at your convenience.

► Graphics – We maintain a nationwide network of designers that produce excellent quality work at competitive costs and who are familiar with our specifications.  If you need help, let us know. (click here for graphics overview)

Web Design - If our publishers don't have a web-site, we'll design it for a cost far, far, below the average, but without sacrificing quality or function. 

► Net-Working New ideas and marketing plans are regularly shared among our publishers.  We encourage publishers – particularly those in geographical proximity to work together when possible for cross-selling opportunities.

► Brokering – Many of our publishers add to their revenues by offering printing services through us to non-competitive publications in their areas. 

► Protected Mailing AreasWe won’t print a competitive magazine in an area where we have a publisher using our services, period.  Furthermore, we won’t allow a publisher printing through us to produce a magazine in a protected mailing area through anyone else…and remain a member of our group.

► Support – Support is 24/7.  If you need to get hold of us...we're here!


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