The Realtors Connection...

The Realtors Connection... - Real EstateThe Realtors Connection is a full color glossy paper publication that features listings for homes, apartments and commercial space for sale and for lease.  These are great for people moving into the area or people in the area that want to relocated or upgrade.   The real estate publications that are full color and direct mailed have a higher percentage of response rate than racked publications.

North Shore Realors Review

North Shore Realors Review - Real EstateThe Northshore Realtor Review is a real estate magazine that was produced for realtors that shared the same geographical location.  The participating realtors wanted a full color publication that would be direct mailed into their community that was their target market and all other advertisements would be related to the housing and real estate industry.  

Each realtor had a full page advertisement that would rotate in position of the magazine on a monthly basis.  All ads were full color and the mailing list where strategically selected to target potential buyer and sellers.  The results where extremely profitable to the participating realtors and in turn benefited the clients they worked with.

This type of publications would be a great marketing tool for any community.


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