promoting the shopping center...

promoting the shopping center... - Shopping CentersPromoting shopping centers - large and small is easy with direct mail.  The examples shown here are for the Northlake Shopping Center in Mandeville, LA and The Shoppes at Heron Lakes in Coral Springs, FL.  The Northlake book is 16-pages, printed monthly, with every other month inserted as a "pop-up" in the regional magazine.  It's mailed as a stand-alone magazine in the alternate months.  The shopping center purchases the 16-pages on an annual contract and divides the page space between the participating stores.  The example for Heron Lakes is an 8-page "pop-up" in the local Sharp Saver magazine.

Do the Ads Work..?

Do the Ads Work..? - Shopping Centers

This furniture store seems to think so!  They regularly take 5 to 6 pages of the 16 total in the Northlake Shopping Center magazine.  PLUS, the same advertiser has had an annual contract for the DAL card mailed with the magazines for over 5 years!


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