AmMax Advantages

AmMax Advantages - Why AmMax Digital?
  • No Contracts
  • No Hosting Fees
  • No Minimum Pages
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Hassles

AmMax Benefits

No Contracts – There are no long term commitments when a client decides to use AmMax for its digital publication needs. Clients pay only when they decide to use AmMax’s digital conversion services. Contracts are not required.

No Setup Fees – AmMax clients can register through AmMax’s online system and set up their publications and issues for free. Payment is simple. Clients pay a low per page price only when they upload and create each online digital publication.

No Hidden Charges – Experience everything AmMax has to offer for one low per page price. Video, audio, flash animation, links, and more are all included in AmMax’s low per page price.

No Minimum Pages – Clients pay only for the number of actual pages uploaded and converted using the AmMax system. There are no minimum page requirements.

No Hosting Fees – Three years of hosting is included for all of AmMax’s digital publications at no additional charge. Certain bandwidth and size restrictions do apply. Contact AmMax for more information.

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AmMax Possibilities

Prepress Proofing – AmMax’s digital editions are an ideal way to proof publications in a near native format. AmMax can provide basic conversion services for the purpose of sending a completed, page-flipping publication to the client for final proofing. Contact AmMax for additional information and pricing.

Cost And Time Savings – Digital production and distribution can save thousands of dollars in print and shipping costs. Digital editions can also be immediately distributed to readers – a true benefit for time sensitive daily or weekly publications.

Developmental Publications – AmMax’s digital editions are a sensible and cost effective alternative for start up or developmental publications. New publishers can produce and distribute their digital editions at minimal cost, while developing a market base to gauge the viability of distributing a paper version.

Instant Web Presence – With AmMax’s embeddable miniature page-flipping icon, publishers can instantly create a powerful and dynamic web presence without the high cost of web development and content redistribution. AmMax is also compatible with analytic programs, increasing publisher’s web statistics, and exposing publication content to internet search engines.

Additional Advertising Streams – AmMax’s digital editions offer publishers numerous opportunities to generate new advertising streams. Publishers can develop advertising revenue in the following ways: (1) from the front and back presentation pages; (2) from hyperlinking advertiser url and email links; (3) from including video, audio, flash, or slide shows in advertisements; (4) from advertiser placement in the pull down menu on the AmMax toolbar; (5) from the placement of advertiser logos on AmMax’s article text boxes; (6) from the placement of audio ads at the beginning of AmMax’s Article OratorTM text-to-speech files; or (7) from the placement of an advertiser logo on AmMax’s viewer tool bar.

Searchable Archive – All AmMax digital editions are automatically archived for three years, providing publishers with a fully searchable archive available right from AmMax’s miniature page-flipping icon located on their website. After three years, AmMax charges $0.10 per page per year for continued archiving.

Reader Statistics – Using AmMax’s reader statistics, publishers can analyze reader preferences and trends and also evaluate advertising and content placement and effectiveness.

Mobile Solution – AmMax’s soon to be released mobile solution will allow publishers to instantly reach subscribers and readers on their smart phones.

Flexibility – AmMax allows publishers to not only digitize magazines, but to also create custom publishing products, media kits, and special sections. It can also be used as a valuable promotional and sampling tool. Check out the possible Applications listed on the left.

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